Below are my primary employers. I've also worked on a few small scale projects which are not listed here.

REWE Digital

Rewe Logo

Company: REWE Digital
Company summary: REWE Digital is a provider of online solutions in markets relevant to REWE Group.
When: From 2017 till now.
Where: Bulgaria (Sofia), Germany (Cologne).
What: Software developer.
Details: Participated in the development of microservice oriented fulfillment platform using Java/Spring. CI/CD into Google Cloud with Jenkins, Gradle. Using GKE, Kubernetes, Cloud SQL, Stack Driver, Docker and other fancy technologies. Monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana and Alert manager. Android and Angular frontend apps and corresponding REST APIs. Authentication using OAuth2 and Keycloak. Data streaming with Kafka, MySQL.
Technologies and tools: Some of the technologies and tools which are used:

  • Core Java technologies and API-s, JMS;
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Kafka;
  • JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test;
  • MySQL, Kafka;
  • Gradle, Git, Groovy;
  • Kubernetes, Docker, GKE, Google Cloud SQL;
  • Angular, TypeScript, Material;
  • Android, Kotlin, Roboelectric;
  • IntelliJ IDEA, JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Mac OS;

Intershop Communications AG

Intershop Logo

Company: Intershop Communications AG
Company summary: Intershop is an independent provider of e-commerce solutions.
When: From 2007 till 2017.
Where: Bulgaria (Sofia), Germany (Jena), Italy (Milan).
What: Software developer, consultant, technical lead.
Details: Participated in the development of the core java based Intershop e-commerce platform - Intershop 7 (formerly known as Enfinity). Worked as an on-site and remote consultant and developer for several customers. Technical lead in a small team. Specialized in web-application security, payment integrations, integreations with external systems. Worked on e-commerce projects implemented for Telstra, Mexx, HP, DBahn, EU Publications Office, Mediaset and others. Participated in the preparation of demo shops for market prospects. Gained understanding of the contemporary e-commerce business.
Technologies and tools: Some of the technologies and tools used in Intershop are:

  • Core Java technologies and API-s, including Java 8;
  • Industry standard libraries like Guice, Apache Commons libs (cli, codec, collections, etc), HTTP client, SLF4J with logback, Guava, Jersey and many more;
  • JUnit, Mockito, HTMLUnit, Geb;
  • JCA, JDBC, REST services with Jersey and Jackson, Java Mail, JavaCC;
  • Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, SOLR, Tomcat, Apache;
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, JQuery UI, EmberJS;
  • Ant, Gradle, SVN, Git;
  • Eclipse (IStudio), JIRA, Confluence, GitLab, SQLDeveloper;
Development methodology: Scrum

GIPS Group/IOMedico

IOMedico Logo

Company: GIPS Group / IOMedico
Company summary: GIPS Group is a fancy little company that developed software for clinical studies for the based in Germany IOMedico.
When: From 2002 till 2007.
Where: Bulgaria (Sofia)
What: Java Developer.
Details: Participated in the development of the desktop software iostudy office and iogroupware Swing as well as some other small apps.
Technologies and tools:
  • Core Java technologies and API-s;
  • Swing;
  • JDBC, JCA;
  • MySQL, Tomcat, Apache;
  • Ant, CSV;
  • IntelliJ IDEA, PHPMyAdmin;


Icygen Logo

Company: Icygen
Company summary: ICYGEN specializes in providing web-based software, e-business platforms, and Internet marketing solutions.
When: From 2000 till 2002.
Where: Bulgaria (Sofia).
What: Java Developer.
Details: Participated in the development of different java applets which enhanced the main company site.
Technologies and tools:
  • Core Java technologies and API-s;
  • Java Applets;
  • MySQL, PHP, Apache;
  • JCreator;


Formal education - from 1998 till 2002 - bachelor degree in computer sciences in the Technical University - Sofia.

Technical skills

In the next paragraph I'll mention some areas, tools or technologies in which I have a "hands-on" experience or professional interest. I feel fluent in some of these while others I know superficially (basic knowledge). The list is not fully exhaustive.


Core Java - core API-s, collections, generics, multithreading, I/O, networking, Java 8 streams, etc.
JAXP, JDBC, JCA, JSSE, JAXB, JAX-RS 1/2, Java Servlet API, JSP, Swing;
TDD, JUnit 4 with Mockito, HTMLUnit, Geb;
Cryptography, web-application security, TDD, design patterns, refactoring, performance tuning, Algorithms, data structures, RDBMS, networking, multithreading, XML processing, dependency injection, regular expressions, functional style programming, etc;
Apache, Apache Tomcat;
Orcale, MySQL (MySQL 5 certified developer), SQL, PL/SQL;
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, jQuery UI, Angular, Ember JS, SEO;
Subversion, Git, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Groovy;
SQL Developer, Eclipse, IntelliJ, PHPMyAdmin, JIRA, Confluence, Burp Suite, etc.
Guice, Spring Core, Apache Commons Libs, SLF4J, Logback, bcel, Guava, HTTP client, Jersey, Jackson, etc.
Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Google Cloud (GKE, Cloud SQL);
Android, Kotlin, Roboelectric, LiveData, RxJava;
Spring boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Cloud Config, Spring Cloud Netflix (Eureka, Zuul), Spring Kafka, Spring Batch, Thymeleaf;


In the past I have been particularly interested in web-application security (Injections, CSRF, XSS, session vulnerabilities - prediction, fixation, hijacking, DoS, and more). I've practical experience in this area and some intermediate knowledge in cryptography including real and successful Padding Oracle attacks on AES/CBC/PKCS7 (proof of concept). Later I got excited about functional-style programming. Then I started learning and exploring the Spring ecosystem. Microservice architectures are an area of current interest.

Sample code

Of course, anyone can browse some code written by me! It can be accessed at my Github account. Various of my technical questions, answers and some code samples are availbale in my Stackoverflow account .


This is somewhat abstract, but anyways...

So... let me try... I:
  • love to learn and experiment and browse and peek my nose under the hood. Learning is the best investment. One never knows enough.
  • try to be flexible.
  • feel best in informal and startup like environment.
  • believe in "individuals and interactions over processes and tools".
  • feel calm in unknown and uncertain environment. I've spent numerous hours on-site and remotely working on different tasks with new people and even in foreign countries.
  • understand different cultures. In my practice I've cooperated with people from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, US, UK, Australia, India, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, China, Luxemburg, Macedonia. And even from the Republic of Mauritius...
  • am not stressed by large audience. Hopefully.
  • still believe that the best tool for solving problems is a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • am open and direct. I'm not interested in politics and I'll never be.
Languages: Bulgarian - native, English - good, used often, German - very basic.
Location: Bulgaria, Sofia - not able to relocate for longer periods at this moment.
Driving license: A (Love), B