An interview with myself!


The answers of some randomly picked questions.


15 Q-s about life.

# Q: A:
1 How old are you? Well.. I'm not exactly adolescent. I'm very close to my 40's.
2 Do you like to eat? Yes. But not too excessively.
3 Do you have a family? Yes. Two great (not so) little fellows.
4 And any hobbies besides gazing at your laptop? I ride two-wheelers and I stay close to nature.
5 How do you look like? I hope that I look normally.
6 Can you speak your native language well? Yes!
7 Are you nervous? No.
8 Are you healthy? There are no healthy people. There are people that are not examined thoroughly.
9 Do you love animals? I respect life. People who do not feel the same might have deficiencies.
10 What do you think about humour? There are no strong reasons to continue without it.
11 Boys or girls? Girls.
12 What is your blood type? A Rh+ if you ever need that.
13 Tell some of the things that you would do if you were very rich? I would ride two-wheelers and stay close to nature.
14 Do you update these static pages? Yes, but not often.
15 Tabs or spaces? Well... That's really difficult...